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You KNOW series 7-part 2 of Doctor Who is not as good as it should be when you don’t bother to watch the episodes straight away.

Don’t get me wrong. I love Doctor Who, and even though the episodes may not be that exciting to me, I still watch.  It’s just taking me longer and longer to get around to them.  I finally watched the recent one last night. I’m still not loving Clara, and people say that it always starts that way with new companions, but this is the first one that I straight away have not loved/liked. While I complained about Amy all of series 6, I didn’t mind her at all in series 5 and series 7 part 1. 

I know Clara is supposed to have some sort of meaning in this whole thing, but until I see that, I feel like she’s just ‘there’ if you know what I mean. Almost useless in a sense. I shall continue to watch as I’m always faithful to the things(and people) I love.

Trash, dogs and howling at the moon.: the-nth-dimension: I want to make something clear…I don’t really like...


I want to make something clear…

I don’t really like the terms Newvian or NewWhovian as they are usually used in a derogatory or sarcastic way. I do understand that there are many people that only like the revived series and actually I’m OK with that. While I encourage…

i started with new who, but i like watching classic who, too. i don’t think one is better than the other, because a true whovian finds things to like/love about all of doctor who from doctors, to series, to companions, new series or old. i have my preferences, but just because i like certain doctors, companions, etc., but i like what each character or storyline has brought to doctor who. i’m with nth, though, i think everyone should try watching some of the classic who, cos without it, there’d be no new who. i don’t think i’m better cos i watch classic who, but i do think that i become more educated about the show and its history by watching it. i don’t like cats, but then i am agnostic w atheist leanings, so i guess the kittens are safe for now. lol



Premieres of all new Doctor Who, The Nerdist, and Orphan Black, March 30th on BBC America

BBC AMERICA’s Supernatural Saturday returns March 30 with all new episodes of Doctor Who and the world premieres of new original series The Nerdist and Orphan Black.

via the Anglophenia blog:

The 2012 Doctor Who Christmas special “The Snowmen” left us with a stunning cliffhanger and an intriguing question: who is the Doctor’s new companion Clara Oswin Oswald (Jenna-Louise Coleman)? Well, as we enter the franchise’s 50th anniversary year, Whovians won’t have to wait that long for new episodes. Part 2 of Doctor Who Season 7 will premiere on Saturday, March 30 in BBC AMERICA’s Supernatural Saturday block, it has been announced, alongside the network’s new original sci-fi series Orphan Black and the comedy-variety chatfest The Nerdist.

Doctor Who returns to BBC America (US) on ‘March 30’ and BBC One (UK) on ‘30 March’. *Other dates to come really really soon.*

got a text early this morning about the return of doctor who. i may or may not have *squee’d*


: It’s New DWM Day! Issue 456 is out today for £4.75. The new look mag features an article on the new TARDIS, and a chat with .

Grab it in the shops in the UK. You can also subscribe worldwide.

ugh i hate how long it takes for new issues to pop up in our bookstore here in the u.s. i think the one they have currently is the one from 2 months ago. i think i should just break down and subscribe lol


Armytedd (Steven Moffat’s son) Interviews Steven Moffat

This is a great interview because Joshua asks questions that no one else will ask Steven such as:

“Would you ever rejoin Twitter?” and “Do you enjoy traumatizing fans?”

He also gets his dad to talk about the 50th Anniversary.

Go visit his comment thread to suggest questions for the next interview.

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